don’t feel like blargin anymore rite @ this moment because everything I write for this just feels like a big lie because the nature of (kenny) bloggins forces me to be very selective about the “presence” that i exhibit here and I guess some people can easily just get over that feeling but i can’t really, even though totally i am disturbing comfortable abt lying all the time in real lyfe so




all you need to know

here’s 20 interesting facts about me:

  1. i get around to things eventually

i h8 wisdom and beauty

i’m not deep.

like if we’re talking cooking, i’m not a little sauce pan that’s only good for heating soup, but i’m also not a huge stock pot that can hold an entire turkey, or whatever. I fall somewhere in the middle. Like a wok, maybe? or a dutch oven. you get the idea. not horribly shallow but don’t overwhelm me with a feast. see, i don’t exactly look for the meaning in everything

is there a god? maybe. if so, okay. if not, well that’s okay too. but either way i’m still going to be the same/act the same/etc.

is there meaning to life? well, doesn’t it mean something to you? then yes. and even if there isn’t, you can still revel in it like some amazingly awful b movie with no artistic merit that will not add to the world of cinema in any way but can still be enjoyed. you can define it yourself.

it is art? who cares, do you like the thing or not?

what, specifically, is the meaning of life? i don’t believe that question can have a concrete answer. and surely not the same answer for every single person. probably not even for one person @ different times in his/her life. and if the search for The Truth or whatever is causing you so much stress than maybe it’s not worth it. So let’s not dwell on it forever, you’ve got things to do in the present

like, certainly i have the ability to think abstractly, I’m not a hyper-logical being who can only deal in HARD FACTS, quite the opposite. 35% of the time (just guessing here) i’m all FUCK LOGIC MY LIFE IS AWESOME just because!! /goes off to do something dumb & hasty/ and maybe the rest of the time i am mostly a logic-bot

soooo it’s not because i am incapable of philosophical discourse, or that meaningful thought is somehow too difficult; it is honestly just not important/interesting to me in an “applied” sense. Weirdly (???) enough i intensely enjoy studying philosophy; learning what various schools of thought entail, how certain dudes reached certain conclusions, the internal logic behind each great thinker…sweet stuff. totally down with it. i mean, have you even seen the many philosophical puzzles & awesome paradoxes that exist? but it doesn’t extend beyond an academic pursuit for me. I don’t harness the same philosophical lenses to my own life.

if i’m having a conversation with you, i do not want to spend hours caught up on the (non)existence of some deity, i wanna talk about you, what interests you, things that you like, some crazy things we can go do right this instant, stuff like that. it is definitely you (& people & humanity in general) that interests me, infinity times more so than being “deep” or finding the meaning of life

i like those lazy, pointless conversations

and this is why i don’t fit in with super intellectual “i live a life of the mind” etc dudes, which can sort of present a challenge when you are/plan to be in an academic setting for quite some time in the future. if you don’t want to be my friend based on the “depth”/”shallowness” of our conversations, that’s totally fine. but—don’t act like you are somehow superior to my puny logical-ness. no, i’m not better than you, but like hell i’m worse :|





i mean seriously


a quiet breakfast

not motivated to do anything of consequence & everything i’m currently writing is grOss

skulled wine skull eye candy

visited the Mütter Museum for the first time today! i’m one of those people that has a powerful (perhaps morbid??? nah) curiosity regarding bones & medical oddities & teratogenic fetuses perfectly preserved in over-sized mason jars so honestly it’s surprising I’ve not been to the mütter before. i mean it’s got an umlaut right there in its name, what’s not to love. anyway the museum is tucked away on south 22nd st between market and chestnut, with a pretty lil medicinal garden out front. the layout is quite tiny compared to most other museums, but filled to the absolute brim with all sorts of skeleton-y delights that it could easily occupy a far larger space. also no photography allowed, understandable because of the small quarters & how insane it would be: everyone clawing each other out of the way to photograph literally everything since it’s all awesome. bodies! they’re so weird.

fractured skull, articulated arm and hand, anatomy text (vesalius)

placenta in situ with extraction tools and scissors

dental anatomy and instruments

anywayx2 the real interesting exhibit was a temporary one of photographs taken by Andrea Baldeck, who basically went behind the scenes of the college of physicians to capture the vast amounts of material not on display at the museum. her photographs are collected in bones, books & bell jars, which looks mighty fine indeed. all of the above images are © andrea beldeck & were yanked from this book write-up on the huffpo, which features an excerpt of the book and the nicest slide show i could find. the cool thing about baldeck is that she actually completed medical school & practiced as an anesthesiologist, so being granted the opportunity to rummage around all these old instruments and specimens must have resonated very deeply with her personal history. can you imagine? also, what a total renaissance lady ♥